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Technical advances applied to improve the yield of sugary tangerines in Dinh Quan district Update: 06-05-2019
After 30 months’ implementation, the project of “Building a pilot model of applying technical advances in growing VietGAP-based sugary tangerines in Dinh Quan district, Dong Nai province”, which is carried out by the Center for Southern Vietnam Fruit Trees Research and it has been reviewed and okayed by the Special Science and Technology Council. Particularly, this project has contributed to improving the economic efficiency of the tangerine trees in Dinh Quan district.

Both the yield and quality of tangerines in the model are higher


* The current status of tangerine cultivation in Dinh Quan district


In order to provide appropriate technical measures to improve the yield of tangerines, the project has conducted research and made an assessment of the tangerine cultivation in Dinh Quan district.


Engineer Do Van Thinh, Deputy Director of the Center for Southern Vietnam Fruit Trees Research and Head of the Project said, according to research results the area of ​​planting tangerines in Dinh Quan district is estimated at 1,116 ha, which is mainly concentrated in the communes of Thanh Son, Phu Tuc, Phu Tan and Phu Ngoc. Particularly, Thanh Son commune is a traditional tangerine growing area with a large area, old-age orchards, and a lot of growers with good cultivation experience.


There are 3 types of tangerines that are mainly grown in Dinh Quan: sugary, pink, and Tieu tangerines and 87.50% of growers grow sugary tangerines. This is a variety of tangerines with a strong growth characteristic; large and round fruits, with thin, smooth, shiny and green to yellow skin, which is easy to peel; orange flesh and a sweet and strong taste. In the business period, sugary tangerines can produce 600 to 1,000 fruits per tree with an average weight of 100 to 120 grams per fruit. Most growers believe that sugary tangerines ca give a very high yield, and are suitable for local land and climate here and easy for sales.


Regarding the current status of growing tangerines, growers tend to overuse herbicides and plant protection drugs, fertilize in an unreasonable and unbalanced way, which makes an unbalanced ecosystem in the soil. According to engineer Do Van Thinh, for intercropped tangerine orchards due to a thin tangerine growing area and an unsuitable pruning method to create a canopy resulting in the fact that tangerine trees have to compete for nutrition and light and a poor yield. Besides, for the tangerine orchards with a high slope it is easy to deal with blooming but drilled wells must be used to irrigate, which is difficult to be mechanized and leads to high risk of erosion, flooding, and so on.


In addition, a lot of orchard owners have not built the drainage ditches for their orchards, and have not paid attention to using fertilizers like phosphate and lime, and so on. From 2015 to now, the tangerine-growing area in Dinh Quan district tends to decrease slightly and tangerine yield has increased but slowly due to the fact that growers still have weaknesses in farming techniques and due to the aging of tangerine orchards, and so on. Particularly, the above-mentioned weaknesses need to be overcome to help increase both yield and economic efficiency of tangerine orchards.


* Establishing the process of growing sugary tangerines according to VietGAP


The outstanding results of the project are to build a process of growing and cultivating tangerines for the locality as well as to transfer cultivation techniques to improve both yield and quality, especially the techniques to plant and deal with flowering and pest control to improve fruit quality and build a tangerine brand for Dinh Quan district.


Growers are instructed how to produce tangerines according to VietGAP


Accordingly, the project has built three demonstration models including the new planting and intensive farming model for tangerines in a basic construction period; a model of intercropping guava in tangerine orchards; and the model of producing tangerines according to VietGAP.


As a result, after 18 months’ cultivation two hectares of the new planting and intensive farming model for tangerines in the basic construction period have produced flowers (1-2 months earlier than the control orchard); fruit weight is high and ranges from 143.43 to 153.82 grams with the number of commercial fruits from 170.45 to 177.83 fruits, which higher than that of control orchards. After 30 months’ planting, the yield has increased from 23.92% to 25.69% compared to that of the control garden and the quality of fruit is also higher.


For the model of intercropping guava in tangerine orchards, after 30 months’ planting, the average height of the trees in the model has increased and the height is much higher than that of the control orchards. Thanks to the application of intensive farming measures, fruit weight and commercial fruit weight have increased compared to those of the control orchards. Particularly, the yield has increased by 17% to 20.99% compared to that of control orchards. Also, thanks to the scent of guava flowers plant hoppers are sent away and intercropped orchards have reduced yellow-leaf and green-vein disease on tangerines. For the guava trees that are intercropped, economic efficiency has increased by 20.16% compared to pure guava orchards.


The project has also built a model of tangerine production according to VietGAp on an area of ​​5 ha. The project manager said, the application of VietGAP on sugary tangerine production has increased investment costs but the sales prices of tangerines in orchards are also VND2,800 per kg higher than the tangerines that are not grown according to VietGAP and whose quality and hygiene are ensured.


Also, the application of a VietGAP production and intensive farming process has increased the average yield in 3 years to 18.92%, and the earned profit reached nearly VND530 million/ha/year and economic efficiency has increased by 46. 32% compared to that of control orchards.


Mr. Vu Van Luan in hamlet 3, Thanh Son commune, Dinh Quan District, who is the orchard owner joining in the model, say: “In the past, my tangerine orchards were often often infected with citrus leafminer as trees produced sprouts, and ulcer disease appeared on fruits and leaves and yellow leaf disease and rotten roots also happened. However, after joining the project and being shown how to apply technical measures according to VietGAP like pruning branches, balancing fertilizers, timely application and use of decomposed organic fertilizers, and major measures diseases in orchards have declined, minimizing many diseases and increased both yield and quality”.


The project is also completing its papers for the registration of the brand name for sugary tangerines in Dinh Quan.


Duy Minh (L. Huong)


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