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Technology applied effectively to improve the population and housing census Update: 11-04-2019
The Population and Housing Census is one of the three statistical censuses specified in the Statistics Law and is carried out every 10 years.

The Population and Housing Census is a major and reliable source of information on population, and demographic and housing status of the population to meet the objectives of compilation and issuance of the indicators in the system of the national statistical indicators stipulated in the Statistics Law and it is also a source of information to help the Party, the National Assembly, and the Government to assess situations, and develop strategies and policies related to people and national development policies.


From April 1 to 4, along with the whole country Dong Nai will implement a census of population and housing in 2019. This activity is of great importance and it is implemented every 10 years. Taking place in the context of the 4th powerful technology revolution and the growing demand for population-related information. This census of population and housing is designed with 5 key and breakthrough innovations.


Dong Nai is implementing the 2019 population and housing census


The census in aims to synthesize and compile population, and demographic and housing indicators for the national statistical indicator system; analyze and forecast the development of population and housing across the country and in each locality; meet the demand for information on population and housing to assess the implementation of socio-economic development plans for the 2011-2020 period; develop strategies and plans for socio-economic development in the period of 2021-2030; help to monitor  the implementation of the Resolution of the 12th Central Party Committee on population in a new situation; oversee the United Nations’ sustainable development goals that the government of Vietnam has committed to providing information for the development of a national integrated database of population; and develop a general sample for the household surveys in the period of 2019-2029.


The contents of this survey include general information on population; migration status; education and technical qualifications; disability status; marital status; fertility - death and population growth; registration for birth certificates; labor and employment; housing reality; and basic living conditions of households. People need to pay attention to and cooperate to provide sufficient relevant information for survey assistants in the information collection process.


As planned, the preliminary results of the Census will be announced in July 2019. The results of the full survey will be published in the 2nd quarter of 2020. Thematic analysis reports will be also published in the 4th quarter of 2020.


Compared to 2009, the Population and Housing Census in 2019 witnessed the improvements on methods and forms to collect information. This Census has both methods of direct and indirect investigation (households provide information on population and housing via online forms). Thanks to the application of two new forms of information collection through questionnaires on mobile devices and online surveys.


The population and housing census in 2019 will be conducted based on the strong application of information technology in all stages. In particular, the e-forms through the application of surveyors’ mobile devices in the information collection process are responded to and seriously followed by localities, which will help improve the quality of statistical information through the process of automatic logical inspection of the questionnaire on surveying and monitoring the process in which surveyors go to each household for interviews and clarify given information in the process of submitting data for approval, thereby helping to reduce the time for the process of processing information, and announcing the results of the Population and Housing Census in 2019 earlier; reduce the costs of conducting statistical surveys in a long term and in line with the trend of organizing statistical surveys on a global scale.


In addition, the Census in 2019 will conduct the in-depth collection of information on population, demographics and housing through a sample survey to ensure the representation of the targets at district levels and simultaneously reduce workload and reduce costs; the new points in the Population and Housing Census in 2019 lies in the improvement of the process of mapping wards and communes and dividing survey areas to save costs for the Census.


The Census in 2019 is expected to be a base to fully update population-related information, thereby proposing solutions for improving the information quality of the administrative reporting system and build a national database of population to aim at removing the implementation the 2029 census.


The population and housing census in 2019 has had the largest scale ever and it takes place across the country with the complicated contents related to about 26.2 million households and over 94 million people under survey and it is carried in about 217,600 areas.


In Dong Nai, for the province’s population and housing census in 2019 to take place seriously as scheduled, the Vice Chairwoman of the provincial People's Committee Nguyen Hoa Hiep proposed that the Standing Committee of the Steering Committee on population and housing census in 2019 promptly grasp the survey work in districts, Long Khanh town and Bien Hoa city to help solve difficulties and problems in the surveying process as well as strengthen the directions and supervision in localities; direct and assign the members in the Steering Committee to inspect and supervise the survey and collect information in communes, wards and townships in accordance with regulations and right methods to ensure that the collected information has the highest level of authenticity.


Duy Minh (Dieu Linh)


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