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The fluid extracted from corn is used as materials for making broth mix Update: 02-04-2019
With the desire to create a good product for consumers’ health and make a full use of the nutrients from waste food products to contribute to diversifying types of broth mix for vegetarians, the students from Lac Hong University: Nguyen Thi Quynh Anh, Doan Thi My Duyen, Nguyen Thai Thanh Truc, Phan Kim Anh and Nguyen Huynh Bach Son Long have studied how to use the fluid (Zea Mays L), which is extracted from corn as raw materials for making broth mix.

The process of making broth mix from the extracted fluid from corn and the products of the solution


Nguyen Thi Quynh Anh said that corn is an agricultural product with high rate of consumption in agriculture. From 2015 to 2017, the amount of corn consumed for food, seeds and industrial production in Vietnam reached 1,400 thousand tons per year, therefore, there were a large number of waste products that were corn cobs. In addition to fiber, corn cobs have other nutrients such as protein, copper, potassium, and so on and the fluid extracted corn is capable of creating a sweet flavor used as a flavoring agent to replace monosodium glutamate.


Also, corn contains zeaxanhthin that can create a natural yellow color for the product. “Therefore, we have studied the application of extraction method to collect the remaining soluble solids in corn cobs and then concentrate the extracted fluid and add it to broth mix”, said Quynh Anh.


The group of authors started working on this project from March to October 2018, and broth mix products made from corn are born. Describing the extraction process of soluble solids to create broth mix, the representative for the group of authors said that according to the conducted surveys of the factors that affect the extraction process of soluble solids from corn cobs and other surveys of broth mix the group started its job. At first the preliminary treatment to all corn fruits is carried out and then corn cobs are cooked with water within a certain time and then it is concentrated into an extracted fluid and corn fruits are processed into corn starch. Later, corn starch is mixed with the extracted fluid and some other ingredients and dried to create corn broth mix.


The representative of the group of authors received the second runner-up prize at Dong Nai Technical Innovation Contest 2018


The extracted fluid from corn is used as raw materials for making broth mix based on the extraction and drying techniques that are easy to be carried out. Initially, the solution is successful in extracting dissolved solids which will be used to make broth mix.


Although there are still some weaknesses such as not being able to increase the extraction efficiency to a maximum level, the created product has been tested by the Center for Standards, Metrology and Quality 3 and it shows that it can meet the physicochemical, biochemical and microbiological criteria according to Vietnamese Standards for spices and can be applied to industrial production.


This solution won the second runner-up prize at Dong Nai Technical Innovation Contest 2018.


Duy Minh (L. Huong)

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