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 Global Sci-Tech News

Drug activates sensory proteins in aquatic model of human hearing loss
​Yale study uncovers how gut bacteria can affect whether drugs work or not
​Sugary gel allows vaccines to be transported where refrigeration is lackin...
​How scorpion venom is helping surgeons detect brain cancer
​FDA study finds sunscreen chemicals enter bloodstream but health risks unc...
For thousand of years humans have been using fermentation as a way of preserving foods and engendering good gut health. A fascinating new study from scientists at the University of Leipzig has discovered that a specific immune function receptor, uniquely evolved in humans and great apes, is triggered by a metabolite from lactic acid bacteria (LAB) found in fermented foods.
​New study suggests humans and Neanderthals split off earlier than we thoug...
Human tongues can smell and contain the same odour receptors that are found...
​Scientists cool water to -263° C without freezing it
Scientists find a way to make food taste salty but with less of the sodium ...
European beewolf eggs produce nitric oxide which prevents the larvae's food from getting moldy
​Sea creatures and land insects found together in ancient amber
​New evidence suggests life on Earth started in shallow ponds, not deep oce...
Chinese scientists implant human brain genes into monkeys to make them SMAR...
​Great white sharks are able to tolerate the negative effects of heavy meta...
Although the best-before dates on our foods may stop us from eating spoiled items, they can also cause us to toss out food that's really still good. New phone-powered labels could help, by notifying users when the food is actually starting to go "off."
​New superconductivity record edges closer to room temperature
San Francisco becomes first US city to ban facial recognition technology
​World's fastest supercomputer will heat up race to the exascale era
Train your brain to eat less sugar
We owe our long lives to stem cells, which are nestled deep inside certain tissues in the body and constantly replace old cells. In recent years scientists have been able to correct genetic diseases by removing these stem cells, editing their genomes and then implanting them back into the patient, but that adds complications. Now, new research led by Harvard scientists has successfully edited the genes of stem cells while still in the body.
​World's first gene-edited lizards are in the pink
Engineers develop fast method to convert algae to biocrude
​Yeast engineered to cheaply produce marijuana cannabinoids
​Therapeutic human protein grown in tobacco plants
Joining a growing contingent of lawmakers around the world, Canada's government is making moves to reduce plastic waste with bans in the pipeline concerning a range of single-use items.
​Startling study finds US fertilizer industry emits 100 times more methane ...
​Alarming study finds plastic ocean pollution harms bacteria that produce t...
​New desalination method could get industry – and the environment – out of ...
Is bacteria the answer to fighting climate change? Methane-eating microbes ...
Commonly used to make a wide variety of items, low-density polyethylene can be recycled into new plastic, but there's much more waste than recycling facilities can currently handle. With that in mind, scientists have now devised a method of converting the material into something else – jet fuel.
​Record-breaking device uses sunlight to produce hydrogen at 15% efficiency
Carbon gas storage cavern is the best way to obtain clean energy from a fos...
​Simpler, cheaper renewable energy system uses waves to inflate rubber
​Researchers create flags that harvest energy from solar and wind
For years now, scientists have marvelled at the insulating qualities of polar bear fur, suggesting that it could inspire manmade heat-retaining materials. Well, Chinese researchers have now developed just such a substance, which reportedly outperforms real fur.
​Stiffer shape-memory material utilizes magnetically-activated liquid
​Eco-friendly foam outperforms the "real thing"
​Self-healing material has resin in its "veins"
​Next-gen milk carton designed to help reduce food waste
When farmers find sickly plants in their crops, it's important that they find out which malady is responsible, as quickly as possible. New microneedle technology could help, paving the way for a handheld device that would provide the answer within minutes, right in the field.
NTU scientists discover sustainable way to increase seed oil yield in crops...
Georgia wants to be the first nation to make WINE in space - and the Easter...
Widespread losses of pollinating insects in Britain
​Hybrid cathodes improve energy density of lithium-sulfur batteries
Today's children could live to see human beings colonise Mars.
​Stress eating causes more weight gain than eating when calm
Smiling really DOES make you happier: Study finds expressing happiness infl...
Want to learn a new skill? Take some short breaks
What COLOUR is your name? Scientists find we link vowels with certain colou...

 Video Clip

  • The NA Chairwoman - Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan - hosted a reception in Hanoi on Jan 29 for Mr Tsutomu Takebe, the special advisor to Japan - Vietnam Friendship Parliamentary Alliance, who confirmed his continued contributions to developing 2 countries’ relations
  • The National Assembly Chairwoman Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan has complimented Vietnam’s U23 football team – the runner-up of the Asian Football Confederation U23 Championship (AFC), on their excellent performance and historical achievements at the continental spo
  • Vietnam U23 welcomed home: State PM Phuc welcomed in Hanoi on January 28 U23 Vietnam – the runner - up of the Asian Football Confederation U23 Championship - AFC in China, praising their excellent performance and achievements at the continental tournament
  • U23 Vietnamese football team’s return wows the foreign press: the impressive performances of the red - shirts have left a mark on the international media, as well as on the hearts of millions of football fans not only in Vietnam but all over the region
  • The Asian Football Confederation has an article praising Vietnam’s final game in Changzhou, China; it said the match at the final round wrapped up Vietnam’s memorable journey but it will live forever in the memory of fans in this Southeast Asian country