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 Global Sci-Tech News

Early findings from a large international clinical trial suggest severely ill COVID - 19 patients do not benefit from an experimental therapy involving infusions of blood plasma from those who have recovered from the disease. This particular arm of the study was halted, but the trial will continue to investigate the treatment in moderately ill patients.
​Meta-analysis links higher coffee intake with lower prostate cancer risk-5...
​Externally powered implant designed to treat obesity
​"Thin gene" discovered and scientists already know how to target it
​Several COVID-19 vaccines necessary to overcome pandemic, experts say
A crewed mission to Mars may be more practical thanks to a new rocket concept developed by Fatima Ebrahimi, a physicist at the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL), that uses magnetic fields to generate thrust.
​Liquid glass discovered as new state of matter-445-08012021
Newly found bacteria fights climate change, soil pollutants
Antibiotics discovered that kill bacteria in a new way
​Scientists unravel mystery of photosynthesis
Several years ago, we heard how scientists were looking at eradicating malaria-carrying mosquitoes by making the females infertile. Now they're going a step further, by eliminating the females altogether.
​Coronavirus outbreak raises question: Why are bat viruses so deadly?
Grey seals discovered clapping underwater to communicate
​Cuttlefish eat less for lunch when they know there'll be shrimp for dinner
​Learning makes animals intelligent
A quantum internet would be much faster and more secure than the one you’re using right this second – and now such a network may be one step closer to reality. Scientists have used quantum teleportation to send information over long distances, with a higher fidelity than ever before.
​Biological and artificial neurons connect and communicate online
Improving AI's ability to identify students who need help
​Artificial lifeforms designed by supercomputers are fully programmable
Be careful where you charge your phone: Hackers can now access your handset...
Experts predict that producing meat in a lab using tissue engineering techniques—or lab-cultured meat—will one day be a much more sustainable, nutritionally equivalent and without the ethical concerns of typical meat production. However, producing meat economically in a lab remains a problem.
​New analytical tech could make for better beers
​Self-deleting genes promise risk-free genetic engineering of mosquitoes-50...
​Synthetic tick-spit protein may save lives
​New CRISPR method edits crops without technically making them GMOs
Removing the vast amounts of plastic waste already polluting our oceans is going to need tackling in a number of ways. But the flow of plastic from rivers also needs to be stopped, and that's what Vietnam's trash traps are designed to do.
​Copper cube reactor converts carbon monoxide into acetic acid
​Fruit waste used to harvest polymer from seafood waste
​Forest soils release more carbon dioxide than expected in rainy season
​New report reveals pause in rise of carbon dioxide emissions in 2019
We’ve been tracking the progress of the world’s largest offshore wind turbine since GE Renewable Energy first revealed its plans for the enormous machine in 2018, and the Haliade - X keeps on going from strength to strength. The company has now revealed an even more powerful version, which will be planted at the world’s largest off - shore wind farm midway through the decade.
​Potassium metal battery emerges as a rival to lithium-ion technology
​More efficient photocatalysts could unlock the potential of solar energy
​Fast-charging, long-running, bendy energy storage breakthrough
'British weather-proof' solar panel that generates 20 per cent MORE energy ...
Scientists at Australia’s RMIT University are continually coming up with ways to work recovered waste items into high - performing road materials, including cigarette butts, discarded tires and building rubble. Their latest effort has a certain relevance as the world grapples with its second year of the coronavirus pandemic, with the researchers using shredded face masks in a road material they say offers some unique engineering advantages.
​Crumpled films offer fast and durable anti-counterfeiting technology
​New catalyst converts common plastic waste into fuels and wax-370-07012021
​Surface treatment makes aluminum antiviral and antibacterial
​Simple laser treatment boosts copper's antibacterial effect
Ordinarily, if you want to know how soil properties change at different depths, you have to extract soil core samples. Scientists have now determined that the same data can be obtained much more easily, using ground - penetrating radar.
​Newly discovered plant gene could boost phosphorus intake
​Exercise prevents onset of liver cancer in high-risk mice
​Genetically-engineered corn grows better in cold climates
​Human urine may be Number 1 for fertilizing plants on Mars
Widely used estimates don't account for effects of affluence on consumer behavior -- and affluent consumers waste more food Date: February 13, 2020 Source: PLOS
Five things to know about egg freezing
New study provides criteria for good infant sleep for the first time
​Qantas completes record-breaking 19-hour ultra long-haul flight
Australian men on top when it comes to life expectancy

 Video Clip

  • The NA Chairwoman - Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan - hosted a reception in Hanoi on Jan 29 for Mr Tsutomu Takebe, the special advisor to Japan - Vietnam Friendship Parliamentary Alliance, who confirmed his continued contributions to developing 2 countries’ relations
  • The National Assembly Chairwoman Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan has complimented Vietnam’s U23 football team – the runner-up of the Asian Football Confederation U23 Championship (AFC), on their excellent performance and historical achievements at the continental spo
  • Vietnam U23 welcomed home: State PM Phuc welcomed in Hanoi on January 28 U23 Vietnam – the runner - up of the Asian Football Confederation U23 Championship - AFC in China, praising their excellent performance and achievements at the continental tournament
  • U23 Vietnamese football team’s return wows the foreign press: the impressive performances of the red - shirts have left a mark on the international media, as well as on the hearts of millions of football fans not only in Vietnam but all over the region
  • The Asian Football Confederation has an article praising Vietnam’s final game in Changzhou, China; it said the match at the final round wrapped up Vietnam’s memorable journey but it will live forever in the memory of fans in this Southeast Asian country