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 Global Sci-Tech News

​Surface treatment makes aluminum antiviral and antibacterial (08/07/2020)
If there's one place where you don't want viruses or harmful bacteria to be present, it's in hospitals, where people are already vulnerable. A new process could help, by allowing aluminum surfaces in such buildings to kill the bugs. ... Next
​Simple laser treatment boosts copper's antibacterial effect (17/06/2020)
We already knew that copper kills bacteria on contact, as it releases ions that rupture bacterial cell membranes. The material could soon do so faster than ever, however, thanks to a new laser-based surface treatment. Next
​Eco-friendly "releasable" superglue is made from plants (26/02/2020)
Although so-called superglues can be quite useful, they're typically made from harsh chemicals, plus it's very difficult to "unstick" them once they've set. Now, however, scientists have created a plant-based superglue that can easily ... Next
​UV-blocking bioplastic is also super-airtight (25/02/2020)
Plant-based bioplastics are already a more eco-friendly alternative to their petroleum-based counterparts. Now, scientists have created a clear bioplastic film that not only blocks harmful ultraviolet radiation, but that is also more a... Next
​Wood waste makes recycled concrete stronger than ever (25/02/2020)
Production of the cement used in concrete is a huge source of CO2 emissions, so the more that we can recycle existing concrete, the better. That's where a new study comes in, which indicates that discarded concrete becomes even stronge... Next
A smart jumpsuit provides information on infants' movement and development (18/02/2020)
A new innovation makes it possible, for the first time, to quantitatively assess children's spontaneous movement in the natural environment. Next
​Metal-infused lumber resists water and mold (17/02/2020)
While lumber certainly has many desirable qualities as a building material, it typically has to be pressure-treated with eco-unfriendly chemicals to keep from rotting. With that problem in mind, US scientists are working on a greener a... Next
​Carbon nanotube film may simplify the production of composite parts (17/01/2020)
Ordinarily, when composite items are being manufactured, huge ovens and autoclaves have to be utilized. The production process could soon be much simpler, cheaper and more energy-efficient, however, thanks to the use of carbon nanotube... Next
​Lightweight gold made of plastic is still as pure as your wedding ring (14/01/2020)
When it comes to gold, beauty and weight are two sides of the same coin. As nice as it looks in a watch or ring, pure gold would get too heavy for everyday wear, so it’s often lightened up with alloys. Now, by mixing it with plastic in... Next
​Any amount of running linked to significantly lower risk of early death (06/11/2019)
Summary: Any amount of running is linked to a significantly lower risk of death from any cause, finds a pooled analysis of the available evidence. Next
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  • The NA Chairwoman - Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan - hosted a reception in Hanoi on Jan 29 for Mr Tsutomu Takebe, the special advisor to Japan - Vietnam Friendship Parliamentary Alliance, who confirmed his continued contributions to developing 2 countries’ relations
  • The National Assembly Chairwoman Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan has complimented Vietnam’s U23 football team – the runner-up of the Asian Football Confederation U23 Championship (AFC), on their excellent performance and historical achievements at the continental spo
  • Vietnam U23 welcomed home: State PM Phuc welcomed in Hanoi on January 28 U23 Vietnam – the runner - up of the Asian Football Confederation U23 Championship - AFC in China, praising their excellent performance and achievements at the continental tournament
  • U23 Vietnamese football team’s return wows the foreign press: the impressive performances of the red - shirts have left a mark on the international media, as well as on the hearts of millions of football fans not only in Vietnam but all over the region
  • The Asian Football Confederation has an article praising Vietnam’s final game in Changzhou, China; it said the match at the final round wrapped up Vietnam’s memorable journey but it will live forever in the memory of fans in this Southeast Asian country