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​Fruit waste used to harvest polymer from seafood waste (17/06/2020)
Found in crustacean shells, chitin is a natural polymer that has many uses once processed. Now, scientists have developed a fruit waste-based fermentation process for getting it out of those shells – and the technique results in better... Next
​Forest soils release more carbon dioxide than expected in rainy season (17/02/2020)
Current carbon cycle models may underestimate the amount of carbon dioxide released from the soil during rainy seasons in temperate forests like those found in the northeast United States, according to Penn State researchers. Next
​New report reveals pause in rise of carbon dioxide emissions in 2019 (14/02/2020)
According to the latest report from the International Energy Agency (IEA), in 2019 global energy-related carbon dioxide emissions stayed steady from the previous year. That’s cause for some cautious optimism, as it’s better than contin... Next
Adapting to climate change: We're doing it wrong (11/02/2020)
COLUMBUS, Ohio - When it comes to adapting to the effects of climate change, scientists and policymakers are thinking too small, according to a new research review. Next
​Melting ice floods the Arctic with fresh water, and it may cool Europe (10/02/2020)
The Arctic is undergoing a significant transformation as a result of climate change, with the warmer conditions thawing out its sea ice at an increasingly alarming rate. A new NASA-led study has illuminated one of the consequences of t... Next
​Red Sea bacteria recruited to boost the use of saltwater toilets (05/02/2020)
Given the current scarcity of clean, fresh water in many regions, it does seem kind of crazy to be flushing the stuff down the toilet. And while a few coastal areas use seawater instead, doing so is problematic in its own way – new res... Next
​Last decade confirmed as Earth's hottest on record (21/01/2020)
New analyses by researchers representing a number of leading scientific organizations has shed further light on the trend of rising global temperatures. NASA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the World Meteorologica... Next
​The most mind-boggling scientific discoveries of 2019 include the first im... (08/01/2020)
Astronomers, anthropologists, geologists, and many other scientists made mind-boggling breakthroughs in 2019. Some highlights include work that produced the first image of a black hole, traced the origins of modern humans, and predicte... Next
Nations must TRIPLE their emissions cut targets to restrict global warming ... (15/10/2019)
Experts have confirmed that the end of 2019 will mark the hottest five year period on record and nations must increase their efforts to curb emissions threefold. Next
​New electrolysis technique makes cement, minus the carbon emissions (30/09/2019)
As the most widely-used building material in the world, it’s no surprise that making cement is one of the single biggest contributors to our carbon emissions problem. MIT researchers now claim to have developed a new method that can cl... Next
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  • The NA Chairwoman - Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan - hosted a reception in Hanoi on Jan 29 for Mr Tsutomu Takebe, the special advisor to Japan - Vietnam Friendship Parliamentary Alliance, who confirmed his continued contributions to developing 2 countries’ relations
  • The National Assembly Chairwoman Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan has complimented Vietnam’s U23 football team – the runner-up of the Asian Football Confederation U23 Championship (AFC), on their excellent performance and historical achievements at the continental spo
  • Vietnam U23 welcomed home: State PM Phuc welcomed in Hanoi on January 28 U23 Vietnam – the runner - up of the Asian Football Confederation U23 Championship - AFC in China, praising their excellent performance and achievements at the continental tournament
  • U23 Vietnamese football team’s return wows the foreign press: the impressive performances of the red - shirts have left a mark on the international media, as well as on the hearts of millions of football fans not only in Vietnam but all over the region
  • The Asian Football Confederation has an article praising Vietnam’s final game in Changzhou, China; it said the match at the final round wrapped up Vietnam’s memorable journey but it will live forever in the memory of fans in this Southeast Asian country