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main image More than 80 Trainees Attend the Intellectual Property and Innovative Activities Training Course

In order to better improve the efficiency of innovative activities, foster research and development of new technologies and strengthen intellectual property performance in Dong Nai Province, help state agencies and enterprises get better informed about patent and protection of intellectual property, on April 11, Dong Nai Department of Science and Technology in collaboration with Intellectual Property Department held the intellectual property and innovative activities training course.

Vacuum ultraviolet lamp of the future created in Japan

A team of researchers in Japan has developed a solid-state lamp that emits high-energy ultraviolet (UV) light at the shortest wavelengths ever recorded for such a device, from 140 to 220 nanometers. This is within the range of vacuum-UV light—so named because while light of that energy can propagate in a vacuum, it is quickly absorbed by oxygen in the air.

German energy crisis point towards climate solution

Solar panels covered the office roof, wind turbines hummed on the hill, and biogas was brewing in the field behind us. Last week Petra Rösch spoke proudly about how her farm in Proschim village, eastern Germany, had become an energy supplier for the area. It was the perfect image of Germany's claims to be the world leader in renewable energy, and a model for how the industrialised world can tackle climate change.

Jaguar installs UK's largest rooftop solar array

The rooftops of automotive manufacturing plants have proven fertile ground for solar arrays with Audi, Ferrari and Renault installing extensive fields of solar panels at their respective facilities. Now Jaguar Land Rover has got on board with the largest rooftop solar panel array in the UK sprouting from its new Engine Manufacturing Centre in South Staffordshire.


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